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John Cromby     John Cromby
john.cromby@leicester         http://www2.le.ac.uk/departments/management/people/john-cromby/jcromby
I am a Reader in Psychology at the University of Leicester. Previously, I have worked in other academic posts and in drug addiction, intellectual impairment and mental health settings. My research focuses on the ways that social influence and bodies are woven together. It draws upon resources from social science, psychology and neuroscience, and addresses topics such as emotion, paranoia, 'depression' and fear of crime. I am co-author of 'Psychology, Mental Health and Distress (Cromby, Harper & Reavey, 2013) and the author of 'Feeling Bodies:embodying psychology' (2015; both Palgrave).
Bob Diamond   Bob Diamond
I worked as a clinical psychologist in adult mental health services for over twenty years. During this time I encouraged a questioning approach to the assumptions implicit in the practices of psychiatry and psychotherapy. Drawing on a critical perspective I am interested in developing mental health services that are more personally meaningful to people experiencing enduring distress. I am also interested in considering the threats to the integrity of psychology as a profession and what can be done about this. Currently I am working part-time as a Mental Health Advisor, Sheffield University and a Clinical Tutor, Nottingham University.
Paul Kelly  

Paul Kelly
I trained as a clinical psychologist in Birmingham, and was involved in setting up the West Midlands Community and Critical Psychology Interest Group and the Midlands Psychology Group. I was also active in the Irish Mental Health Forum. Since returning to live in Ireland in 2004, I have been working as a psychologist in the Student Counselling Service at University College Dublin.

Paul Moloney

Paul Moloney
I am a Counselling Psychologist working in a community based Adult Learning Disability Team in Shropshire. I have worked in the fields of adult mental health services, addictions counselling and community and social work, and was involved in setting up the West Midlands Community and Critical Psychology Interest Group and the Midlands Psychology Group.

Penny Priest Penny Priest
pennypriest@supanet.com        www.shropsych.org/pennypriest.htm
I was brought up in Hull, studied psychology at Manchester University and started work as a teacher in East London. I now live and work in Shropshire, having trained as a clinical psychologist at Birmingham University. I became interested in critical and community psychology perspectives during my own experience of being seen by a clinical psychologist who mentioned the work of David Smail. I made contact with David, who introduced me to Paul Moloney and the West Midlands Critical and Community Psychology Group, which eventually spawned the Midlands Psychology Group.
Janine Soffe-Caswell Janine Soffe-Caswell
I was born and brought up in Liverpool. I qualified as a clinical psychologist whilst living and training in Cardiff, South Wales. I currently work in Leominster, near Hereford. During the years I have been working and learning in psychology, I have come to take an increasingly considered view of what psychologists, including myself, are able to offer that can be helpful for other people. This can be a difficult stance to hold onto in what can sometimes seem like an exclusive focus in our society (and many others) on immediately ‘fixing’ or ‘curing’ human distress. I became more interested in critical approaches to the mental health system and being a mental health worker during my training. This fuelled my interest in trying to support those people diagnosed with mental health problems to become more actively involved in their care. I also became more interested in the research and writings of people such as David Smail. I became a member of the Midlands Psychology Group via my contact with fellow member Penny Priest.
David Smail

David Smail (1938 - 2014)
The first meetings of what became the Midlands Psychology Group were initiated by David around 2002, following his retirement from the NHS in 1998. David was a leading clinical psychologist and influential writer on psychological treatments and social issues.During his clinical career, David wrote a series of influential books which established the basis for the social materialist approach to distress which the Midlands Psychology Group continues to develop. See: https://karnacology.com/hall-of-fame/david-smail/


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